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City Clerk

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

City Clerk & Office of Vital Statistics
The office of the City Clerk, in the historical tradition, serves as a direct link between the residents and their local government.  The City Clerk is responsible for the issuance of many licenses and permits including but not limited to Marriage Licenses, Dog Licenses, Peddler Permits. On this page you will find links to some of the forms that can be viewed and printed.  In addition, the City Clerk serves as Clerk to the Rome Common Council, which is the legislative branch of city government.
The Vital Statistics Office records births and deaths that occur within the City of Rome.  We have records dating back to the year 1882. Individuals doing family histories are able to obtain birth and death records of deceased family members.  These records are considered genealogy and are stamped for genealogy purposes only.                                                                                                                           
The City Clerk is responsible for the proper issuance of:
  • Alarm Permits
  • Amusement Device Permits
  • Auctioneer Permits
  • Dog Licenses
  • Going Out of Business License
  • Handicapped Parking Tag
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Pawnbroker/Secondhand Dealer Permits
  • Peddler/Transient Merchant Permits
  • Sound Amplification Permit
  • Taxi Business Licenses
  • Taxi Driver License
  • Taxi Vehicle License

For more information on these services, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (315) 339-7659.

Documents, Forms and Applications
2014 Application for Marriage Record2014 FOIL Application2014 Going Out of Business Application2015 Alarm Permit Application2015 Amusement Device Application2015 Auctioneer Application2015 Collateral Loan Broker- Secondhand Dealers Appl.2015 FIREWORK Display Application2015 Opt Out Registry Form2015 Peddler-Solicitor Application2015 Sound Amplification Permit Application
Board of Estimate
BOE AGENDA 1-15-2015BOE AGENDA 1-29-2015BOE AGENDA 2-12-2015BOE AGENDA 2-26-2015BOE AGENDA 3-12-2015BOE AGENDA 3-13-2015 SpecialBOE AGENDA 3-26-2015BOE AGENDA 3-6-2015 SpecialBOE AGENDA 4-23-2015BOE AGENDA 4-9-2015BOE Agenda 5-14-2015BOE Agenda 5-28-2015BOE Agenda 6-11-2015BOE Agenda 6-25-2015BOE Agenda 6-3-2015 Special SessionBOE Agenda 7-23-2015BOE Agenda 7-9-2015BOE Agenda 8-13-2015BOE AGENDA 8-19-2015 SpecialBOE Agenda 8-27-2015

General FAQ's
2014 Dog Licensing Information2014 Getting Married - how to obtain license2014 Liquor License InformationMarriage License Facts

Contact Information
City Clerk
198 N. Washington Street
Rome, NY 13440
Phone: (315) 339-7658
Fax: (315) 838-1160
Louise S Glasso, CMC
City Clerk
Phone: (315) 339-7658
Eric R Seelig
Deputy City Clerk
Phone: (315) 339-7661
 Email Contact
Heather Pacicca
Deputy Registrar
Phone: (315) 339-7756
 Email Contact